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Here kitty kitty

Domestic cats can purr. So can smaller wild cats such as cheetahs and cougars. Bigger wild cats cannot purr. This is because in big cats the hyoid apparatus which supports the larynx and tongue is made out of cartilage instead of bone.

(Magazine – The Smithsonian June 2019)

Yet another consequence of the Colombian Exchange

When Europeans came to the New World they brought diseases which decimated the local populations by up to 90%. One consequence of this is that cultivated land about the size of France was left fallow and reverted to forest which sucked up enough carbon dioxide to create cooling. This was already a cool cycle in climate but this time in the early seventeenth century is now thought to be the coolest part of the Little Ice Age.

(Archaeology Magazine – May/June 2019)

Finally an answer!

Scientists appear to have discovered why zebras have stripes. After much analysis comparing zebras to horses it appears that the stripes disrupt a flies’ ability to control a landing on a zebra.

(Magazine – The Week  March 15 2019)

No comment on this one

A study across cultures shows that men are all the same and women are all the same. Men value physical attractiveness and younger mates and women prefer ambition and earning capabilities.

(TED Talks – 10 myths about psychology – Ben Ambridge)