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The reason to keep learning is to get to the real truth at some point

Readers of this blog may recall that I have blogged on the fact that you cannot go faster than the speed of light because mass increases as you approach the speed of light. WRONG! It is actually inertia that increases. Inertia and mass are basically the same thing at low speeds and physics professors use ‘relativistic mass’ to help teach students about the concepts of going fast. Advanced physics students have to be untaught this concept.

(The Great Courses – The Theory of Everything)

Let me check the time

Einstein predicted that clocks run at different rates in different gravitational fields. This has been proven to be true. We now have clocks so precise that we can see two clocks run at different speeds when one is positioned just one foot higher than the other one.

(The Great Courses – The Theory of Everything: The Quest to Explain All Reality)

The Default Gender

Humans are normally born with an X-X or an X-Y chromosome pair which dictates the gender of a person with the X-X being female. It is possible that a person can be born with just an X chromosome without the extra X or Y. When this happens the person defaults to Female which it the default gender for most mammals. The main issue these people have is that they are generally infertile.

(The Great Courses – The Science of Self)