Could this have been community living without a leader?

In the area now known as southern Turkey is the site of the largest know Neolithic settlement. It is called Catalhoyuk and it was populated between 7500 BCE and 6000 BCE. It appears that there were about 5000-8000 people living there. They lived in densely packed households whose only entrance was from the roof. They were mainly an agricultural group with domesticated goats. However, the cattle remains appear to be from wild cattle so it appears that cattle domestication had not occurred yet. Most of the activity appears to have been household oriented and there is little evidence of community organization which means this was not a ‘state’ as we know it. Each house was constantly re-plastered during the 75-100 years lifespan of each house. Dead family members were buried beneath the floors of a house and then dug up for ceremonial purposes.

(The Great Courses – The Origin of Civilization)

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