Don’t lie while explaining a jury system

In ancient Athens small crimes were decided by juries of 501 men. More serious crimes were decided by 1001 men and the most serious crimes were decided by 1501 men (Only men were allowed on juries). Jurors received two tokens and one of them had a hole which was easily covered by your fingers. You placed one of the tokens in a box to cast your vote and the other in a discard box. NOTE: The professor for this course is Jeremy McInerney. He tells a story where he showed copies of the boxes that he got in Greece to 7th graders to explain the system. One of them asked if they were ‘real’ and he lied and said ‘yes’. One of them then asked why it had a stamp saying ‘Made In Greece’ on the side. Professor McInerney says that he promises never to tell a lie again after getting caught by that 7th grader.

(The Great Courses – Ancient Greek Civilization)

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