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A study across cultures shows that men are all the same and women are all the same. Men value physical attractiveness and younger mates and women prefer ambition and earning capabilities.

(TED Talks – 10 myths about psychology – Ben Ambridge)

Our ancestors were helped from above

Scientists are now speculating that a nearby supernova showered the earth with cosmic rays 8 million years ago. This caused more lightening in the atmosphere which caused more fires which burned down trees and created more grasslands. These grasslands were more favorable to the great apes who could adapt to leaving the trees.

(The Great Courses – Nuclear Physics Explained)

Boring names

During the Roman Empire period all Roman men had a first name that was picked from a list of only 16 names. The second and third names distinguished the family the person came from.

(The Great Courses – The Rise of Rome)

Aspirin does nothing

Salicylic acid is combined with acetic acid to form aspirin and water. This is done because aspirin is easier on the stomach than salicylic acid. When the aspirin reaches the bloodstream it is dissolved back into the original components. It is the salicylic acid that is the actual pain relieving agent,

(The Great Courses – Chemistry)

I think if you do even one thing opposite hand you are more creative…like golf

It is not true that the right side of the brain is more about creativity and the right side more analytical so it is also a myth that left handed people are more creative than right handed people. However it is true that ambidextrous people are generally more creative than one handed people AND more left handed people are somewhat ambidextrous than right handed people.

(TED Talks – 10 myths about psychology – Ben Ambridge)