Reason for this blog

I have always been a reader and as I was growing up┬ámost of the books were fiction. About five years ago I started reading mostly non-fiction books. Around the same time I had friends introduce me to The Teaching Company’s ‘Great Courses’. These are courses of lectures by college professors on CD’s or DVD’s covering a large number of topics. I was now hooked on learning. This was not to get a degree or to expand job opportunities. This was simply the enjoyment of learning about the world we live in.

The purpose of this blog is to share. It also gives me the chance to review the things I have learned and where I learned them. Since I already have five years worth of courses and books that I did not blog about there will be a lot of interesting facts that won’t make it into this blog. As I remember some I will include them. However most of these entries will be from my current books, CD’s and DVD’s. I will always try to indicate where I learned the information.

These entries are generally things that I did not know. Their inclusion is not meant to indicate that others did not know this information, only that I still have much to learn.

Since this is a blog about learning there may be times when someone has some other interesting information or correction about one of my posts. I encourage anyone with additional information to share it through a comment.

Thank you for reading and sharing my love of learning.

(PS. I do still read plenty of fiction but it will not be part of this blog)

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