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I think if you do even one thing opposite hand you are more creative…like golf

It is not true that the right side of the brain is more about creativity and the right side more analytical so it is also a myth that left handed people are more creative than right handed people. However it is true that ambidextrous people are generally more creative than one handed people AND more left handed people are somewhat ambidextrous than right handed people.

(TED Talks – 10 myths about psychology – Ben Ambridge)

High demand for water

The Colorado River flows from the Rockies through the Grand Canyon to the Gulf of California. There are several dams on this river and due to high demand for water and drought conditions no water from this river reached the Gulf from 1998 through 2014. In 2014 one percent of water was allowed to reach the Gulf.

(The Great Courses – Geology of the National Parks)