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North Yakima

The town of Yakima, Wa had a lot of produce that needed to be sent out to Seattle. When the railroad finally came to be built the railroad company decided it was in their interest to build the railroad four miles north of the city. What was the town to do???? The railroad company helped MOVE the town to the railroad. They literally picked up the buildings and moved them four miles. That included a hotel that was currently being occupied.

(Book – Wild Bill: The Legend and Life of William O. Douglas – Bruce Allen Murphy)

What makes a bad President

In a departure from my usual facts only blog I am writing a PERSONAL OPINION based on my just finishing the book “THE SHADOW OF BLOOMING GROVE : Warren G Harding in His Times” by Francis Russell. Harding is considered one of the worst Presidents of all time and I knew very little except for the Teapot Dome scandal. It seems like Harding was a pretty likable guy who was just too inexperienced for the job of President. He was nominated because the Republican convention of 1920 was split between 3 guys with no end in sight in an unbearably hot convention center. Senator Harding of Ohio was a compromise choice due to being not too disagreeable and someone the elite thought they could control. He really didn’t want to be President and knew that he was unprepared for the job (first hint of a problem). At least he appears to have wanted to do the right thing and wanted to learn what to do but he just couldn’t do it. Personal ‘flaws’ sited were his affairs with women, poker playing and some alcohol use during prohibition but we see all these types of behavior in other Presidents. The biggest problem were his friends that he put in high places who were totally corrupt and took every advantage of their positions such as the Teapot Dome oil scandal, most of which did not come out until after Harding died only 2 1/2 years into his first term. Given the severity of Harding’s reputation in these circumstances one has to wonder how history will treat a President who wasn’t just surrounded by corruption but was himself morally and politically corrupt. Only time will tell.

At least she is consistent

Jeannette Rankin was a social worker from Montana and was the first woman to be elected to Congress. She was one of 50 Representatives to vote against entering WW I. After her term she quit politics before being elected to a second term in 1940. She was the only member of Congress to vote against entering WW II.

(Book – The Shadow of Blooming Cove:Warren G. Harding in His Times – Francis Russell)

ice is heavy

During the last ice age the sea level was much lower so when the ice melted the sea level rose. The land on the British Columbia coast had been covered with a lot ice ice so when it melted the removal of all that weight actually let the land rise. So the sea level there now is about the same a it was during the ice age.

The law

The code of Hammurabi is not a complete code of law. Instead it appears to just be a list of prior judgements made that Hammurabi supported. There are too many scenarios that are not listed to be a complete law code.

The Great Courses – Ancient Mesopotamia

Orcas are smarter than me

A study in 2014 showed that Orcas can modify their sounds to match dolphins when they are together. This means that Orcas can learn another language which currently is only seen with humans, birds and bats.

Science fact a day calendar Oct 7, 2019

Just a second

The Definition of a second is: The duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the cesium 133 atom.

(The Great Courses – Understanding the Quantum World)